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Research topic: Media and religion

Religion is discussed widely in media. Secularization does not seem to calm down the debates about religion.

Church elections, politicians’ personal beliefs and negative portrayal of various religious groups are all examples that can influence the media picture and mobilize supporters and opponents far beyond religious circles.

Religion as a topic includes everything from "feel good"-spirituality to debates about the place of religion in the Norwegian public life, national identity and immigration.

The media's portrayals are influencing and shaping public perception of religion, beliefs and secularism. The audiences also participate actively in shaping media debates about religion and secularism. The web offers several forms of digital religion.

Religious institutions are actively using various media, but in return are also being infuenced by media, as they have to adapt to media logic and behavior.

This mediatization of religion plays a central role in the research on media and religion at our Department.

We study how religion is portrayed in various media, look into public participation in the debates about religion and study how changing understanding of religion is reflected in the media and in people's self-perception. We also do research on how religious institutions use mass media.

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