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Past exams and examiner guidelines for courses at IMK

The examiner guidelines are normally published shortly after the exam results are made available in StudentWeb.

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Autumn 2019

JOUR4000/MEVIT4000 - Master’s thesis seminar for journalism/media studies

JOUR4200- Theoretical Perspectives in Journalism Studies

MEVIT1110 - Audiovisual Aesthetics

MEVIT3520 - Mediated Faces and Identities

MEVIT4319 - Political communication: The Nordic context

MEVIT4320 - Political Communication: Opinion Processes and Influence

MEVIT4700 -Screen Histories and Theories

Spring 2019


MEVIT3427/JOUR4427 - Media, War and Journalism: Blurred Lines and Smokescreens

MEVIT4323 - Immigration Debates in the Nordic Public Sphere

MEVIT4834 - Textual Analysis in Media Studies

Autumn 2018


MEVIT1110 - Audiovisual Aesthetics

MEVIT335/4350 - Media and Politics

MEVIT3515/4515 - Digital Storytelling in Web Television: A Case Study of Skam: 

MEVIT4000/JOUR4000 - Master’s thesis seminar for media studies/Master's thesis seminar for journalism

MEVIT4110 - Nordic Media in an International Perspective

MEVIT4614 - Pornography, Protection & Power: Internet Content Regulation - Protection or Censorship?

Spring 2018

Autumn 2017


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