Presentation of master's thesis - Sabina Rahimova

Master candidate Sabina Rahimova will present her master's thesis: 

Facebook Live & NRK - Facebook Live's Faith as a Journalistic Tool

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Digitalization has been taking media convergence to a different level during the last couple of
years. It has brought attention back to the broadcasting phenomenon. Traditional television
broadcasting has been introduced to social media platforms as a new function, and social live broadcasting has been used for different purposes. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and especially Facebook has been the platforms for the broadcasting of different type of news and media content. This master thesis is a case study of Facebook Live from a journalistic perspective. The research shows that the use of Facebook Live hasn’t been as popular as it was expected. Unfortunately, there is limited existing work in this topic. Some of the found materials have been deleted from Facebook, which has been a challenging point for the process. However, there has been an article about the journalists of the Norwegian Public Broadcasting Company (NRK) putting Facebook Live on a test when it just became available for everyone. The thesis presents the results of interviews done with the same journalists and has compared the results of the use of Facebook Live today, 2019. The study aims to determine what caused the opinion change about social live broadcasting on Facebook during the period of 2016 - 2019. The research questions of this master thesis are: What is Facebook Live in journalism? What makes Facebook Live an interesting broadcasting platform? Why didn’t Facebook Live fulfill the expectations of being an additional journalistic tool?

The thesis presents what Facebook Live is in the first place, and it focuses on analyses of
liveness in comparison with traditional television broadcasting, the comparison of different views between the time window 2016 and 2019. The research also includes the ethical challenges brought to social media, at the same time to journalism by Facebook Live.

Analysis of the responses through interviews demonstrated that Facebook Live does offer
interesting connectedness with the audience, at the same time creating intriguing journalistic
ethics. Facebook Live presents more interactivity, practicality, easy to use as its advantages.
However, the results indicate that its strong sides haven’t been enough to make it more popular for the NRK. The ethical challenges and advantages listed earlier, are also the intriguing characteristics of Facebook Live. On this basis, these characteristics require a different approach to the Code of Ethics by some scholars.

Publisert 13. jan. 2020 14:41 - Sist endret 13. jan. 2020 14:41