Phd course: Cross-media analysis

Content: Workshop for PhD students on cross-media analysis. What is the (strategic) purpose of cross media communication in different contexts? How can we approach analysis of relationships between different media and platforms and the production and communication of meaning across media? In which ways do different media afford and constrain content and how can we address this analytically? In which ways do different media transform or expand on for example extant ideas and uses of genre?


Dependent upon the participating PhD students’ thesis work and needs, these are some of the questions, which will be addressed during the workshop.


Requirement for participation: Requirement for participation: Submission of a paper for presentation and discussion. The paper could for example be a draft for a chapter of your thesis, an outline of a problem, you grapple with, or a discussion of a methodological problem related to cross media analysis. Length of paper may vary – it could be shorter or longer. All participants are moreover required to read all papers and prepare questions and comments. Finally, there will be a reading requirement equivalent to around 200 pages.


ECT: 2


Workshop leader: Anne Jerslev, Professor II at the Department of Media and Communication, Oslo University, Professor of film and media studies at the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen.


Deadline for registration: Registration has closed.

Questions: Elisabeth Quarré Eggen at


Deadline for submission of papers to Elisabeth Quarré Eggen who will distribute to the participants/Anne Jerslev: 1st May

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