Medieestetisk arbeidsseminar

The usual Media Aesthetics workshop will be expanded into a half-day seminar. The occasion is that we will be having two guest speakers: Our guest-PhD candidate Maja Bak Herrie from Aarhus University, and our new professor for Media Aesthetics Aud Sissel Hoel from NTNU.

Theme: What is a digital object?

The modern world is into data. Data are everywhere and piling up, and so, the hopes for data-driven analyses and advanced statistical models for utilising the accumulating mass are many. As a result, novel methods for data processing are developed and applied in various fields of research, in modern policy decisions, in protocols of public health and medical practice, and in investment strategies and derivative instruments of finance capital (Gitelman 2013). But what else is brought about with these new techniques? What new ways of seeing, shaping, and acting in our world are presented alongside these models, what new aesthetic experiences and artefacts emerge?


In this seminar, we will approach the discussions of data and data-driven analysis through the lens of theoretical objects. The idea of such objects is far from new and has been discussed in the fields of political thinking (Althusser 1967) and art history (Damisch 1998). However, it has not yet been applied to or thought of in relation to data-driven analyses or other kinds of technologically conveyed knowledge production. We will investigate some of the possible resources to be gained by this idea and see if can help us develop an understanding of what could tentatively be termed digital objects.




10.15-12:00: Maja Bak Herrie will open a discussion of a central part of her doctoral dissertation Det digitale objekts æstetik


12-13.15: Lunch break


13.15-13.40: Maja Bak Herrie and Aud Sissel Hoel will discuss the idea of theoretical objects in Louis Althusser and Hubert Damisch respectively


13.40-15: Discussion


Forskningsområdet Medieestetikk ved IMK, UiO, arrangerer arbeidsseminar den første fredagen i hver måned. 

Seminarene fungerer også som et sted for å diskutere egne prosjekter, tekster og forskningsobjekter.

Medieestetisk arbeidsseminar er åpent for alle interesserte.

Publisert 24. mars 2018 08:29 - Sist endret 26. mars 2020 12:38