Medieestetisk arbeidsseminar

Steffen Krueger og Mats Andreas Nielsen: Click – stream – like – comment – share: A critical discussion of the webseries Skam and Skam Austin, Facebook Watch, and social media television.


Steffen Krueger og Mats Andreas Nielsen presenterer work in progress.

Abstract: In this article, we aim to cast a critical light on recent developments in the convergence of television and social media, by offering a comparative analysis of the Norwegian webseries Skam (2015–2017) with its US adaption, Skam Austin, whose first season was commissioned and published on the corporate social networking site Facebook and its streaming service, Facebook Watch. We will do this from within the conceptual framework of Critical Theory, drawing on Christian Fuchs’s reading of the Marxist philosopher Georg Lukacs, as well as Dieter Prokop’s discussion of the aesthetics of the culture industry. Along the lines of the latter, we will argue for the need for a more critical approach within Television Studies, one that is capable of analyzing the concrete ways in which symbolic and cultural dimensions of objects and phenomena relate to the economic, technological and/or infrastructural ones. Specifically, with the cases of Skam and Skam Austin, we aim to highlight the concrete ways in which the political-economic framework under and through which cultural production takes place can play into the aesthetics and politics of a given television show – its audiovisual and narratological style, its production and dissemination, as well as its sociocultural aims and effects.


Forskningsområdet Medieestetikk ved IMK, UiO, arrangerer arbeidsseminar den første fredagen i hver måned. 

Seminarene fungerer også som et sted for å diskutere egne prosjekter, tekster og forskningsobjekter.

Medieestetisk arbeidsseminar er åpent for alle interesserte.

Publisert 24. mars 2018 08:25 - Sist endret 26. mars 2020 12:38