Medieestetisk arbeidsseminar

Andrew David Lock: Attending to the unoccupied room: intervals, silences and surrogates for absent bodies, in and through art practice.

Andrew David Lock (Research Fellow, University of Bergen) will present the following work in progress: "The empty room; the interval; silence and the material surrogate or proxy for the absent human body. A curious set of apparently disparate phenomena, whose manifestations and particularly conjunctions – emergent in my own artistic research – I’m curious to (also) explore in wider cultural production and traditions. Consequently, I now find myself reaching out to examine their occurrences and conjunctions in such practices as fine art, cinema, literature, musical composition, religion and secular memorialisation; finding varied instances in for example the cinema of Yasujirō Ozu and the short stories of Heinrich Böll, as well as in the work of John Cage and in the publicly observed silences of mass commemorations.

I want to use the seminar to examine the appearance of these phenomena in my own work and to understand their place in wider cultural discourses, based on such instances as those I’ve just described."


Forskningsområdet Medieestetikk ved IMK, UiO, arrangerer arbeidsseminar den første fredagen i hver måned. 

Seminarene fungerer som et sted for å diskutere egne prosjekter, tekster og forskningsobjekter.

Medieestetisk arbeidsseminar er åpent for alle interesserte.

Publisert 24. mars 2018 08:26 - Sist endret 26. mars 2020 12:38