Mediatization of religion and culture (avsluttet)

The project focuses on the increased interconnectedness between media, religious activities and beliefs, and broader cultural dynamics

Both media, religion and culture are subject to rapid transformations during these years, and one prominent feature of these changes is the increased interconnectedness between media, religious activities and beliefs, and the broader cultural dynamics both within the Nordic countries and on a global scale.

The Nordic research network for the mediatization of religion and culture formally ended on the 31 of December 2010. However, Sigtunastiftelsen/the Sigtuna foundation will host one yearly conference for research on media and religion as part of their own research program during the period 2011-2013. This means that the network will have a continuation, although in a somewhat new form: as "the Nordic network on media and religion".

The network will, as before, have a coordinating group consisting of representatives from the five Nordic countries that for 2011 will be the former national coordinators Mia Lövheim, Knut Lundby, Stig Hjarvard, Johanna Sumiala and Arni Svanur Danielson.

Seminars will be held at Sigtunastiftelsen and all former network members are invited to the seminars.

The date for the first seminar with the theme "Religious change and popular media" will be the 31 of October - 2 of November 2011, starting at 6 pm on the 31 of October and ending by lunchtime on the 2 of November.
For further information about the seminar program as well as funding for travels please contact before the 18 of February.

Members who wish to present current research related to the theme are invited to send an abstract of approximately 400 words to before the 28 of February.
You are all warmly welcome to the seminar and to the "new" Nordic network on media and religion, and we hope to see you in October in Sigtuna!

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Mia Lövheim


  • Mia Lövheim
  • Stig Hjarvard
  • Johanna Sumiala-Seppänen
  • Árni Svanur Daníelsson
  • Knut Lundby
  • Alf Linderman
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