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Music and Motion Lab

The Music and Motion Lab is a world-class facility with advanced motion capture and sound spatialisation systems. The lab is open for everyone in the Department and is also extensively used by researchers at RITMO.

From a recording session of a violin player, using the full-body motion capture system.

Equipped with systems and sensor solutions to study music-related body motion:

  • Qualisys optical motion capture system (13 Oqus cameras)
  • Xsens MVN full-body, mobile motion capture system
  • Polhemus Patriot, magnetic 6-DOF motion tracking system.
  • Various inertial low-cost sensors and sensor systems, e.g. accelerometers
  • MEGA biosignal sensors (EMG, etc.)
  • Multichannel truss mounted speaker rig with 48 Genelec (8020B) speakers for spatialization (Higher Order Ambisonics, VBAP, DBAP, etc.)
  • Small Wavefield Synthesis speaker array (24).
  • 2 active 6-channel hemispherical speakers for point-based sound diffusion.
  • TouchKeys Piano: multitouch keyboard with capacitive sensor overlays
  • Various electronic instruments and controllers from Theremin to Madrona Soundplane
  • High-end SSL AD/DA converters, RME Madiface XT state-of-the-art audio interface and recording setup with a range of quality microphones.
  • 4 Canon HD videocams (SDI) 
  • Blackmagicdesign Hyperdeck HD video recorder
  • Mac Pro running Max 6.1.x with various Third party libraries installed for spatialization and synthesis. IRCAM software, Reaper DAW and RME TotalMix.
  • PC (Win7) workstation with Qualisys QTM software for motion capture.
  • Laptop (Win8) with statistical and mathematical software: Matlab, SPSS.



3D view

Oppsettet for NM i stillstand - Spherical Image
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