Anders Tveit

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Visiting address Sem Sælands vei 2 ZEB-bygningen 0371 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1017 Blindern 0315 OSLO

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  • Tveit, Anders (2008). Practice makes perfect. Role-play - because our students deserve it!, In  Kendall, Michael; Samways, Brian (Eds.), Learning to Live in the Knowledge Society. IFIP 20th World Computer Congress, IFIP TC 3 ED-L2L Conference.  Springer Science+Business Media B.V..  s 127 - 134

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  • Clauder, Ingvo; Tveit, Anders; Evensen, Terje & Lossius, Trond (2019). In a Now.
  • Jensenius, Alexander Refsum; Nymoen, Kristian; Tveit, Anders; Haugen, Mari Romarheim; Solberg, Ragnhild Torvanger; Eikeland, Håkon Bachken & Andersen, Thomas Dahl (2015). OMO på Komdagen.
  • Jensenius, Alexander Refsum & Tveit, Anders (2015). Fritt fall - Live coding.
  • Jensenius, Alexander Refsum & Tveit, Anders (2015). Lær kidsa musikkoding. Show summary
  • Tveit, Anders; Sæther, Eskil Muan; Brandtsegg, Øyvind; Åse, Tone & Sæther, Eskil Muan (2014). Reunion2012.
  • Jensenius, Alexander Refsum; Thyness, Mons; Wingerei, Ellen K Sjøstrand; Kristensen, Turid; Zeiner-Henriksen, Hans T.; Watne, Åshild; Askerøi, Eirik; Tveit, Anders & Riisnæs, Anne Eline (2013). Semesteråpningskonsert: Oslo mobilorkester.
  • Jensenius, Alexander Refsum; Tveit, Anders; Voldsund, Arve & Hoang, Viet phi uy (2011). Oslo iPhone Ensemble @ Scandinavian Futures.
  • Tveit, Anders (2008). Practice makes perfect, Role-play - because our students deserve it!.
  • Tveit, Anders (2007). Opptre før du kan det! Hva gode undervisningsopplegg og gode dataspill har til felles. Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy.  ISSN 1891-943X.  (3)
  • Blattner, Emanuel; Tveit, Anders & Ytterstad, Stig (2005). The integration of economic and human resource aspects by using computer based tools.

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