Anja Nylund Hagen

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Academic Interests

Music and media, popular culture, music and everyday life, digital media platforms, streaming services, the cultural industries, the music industry, cultural production, digital distribution, innovation

Higher education and employment history

2018 - current: Postdoctor, IMV
2017 - 2017: Adviser, Forskerforbundet
2015 - 2017: Gjennomføringstipendiat, IMK
2012 - 2015: PhD candidate, Clouds & Concerts, UiO
2007-2011: Press manager, NRK Marked
2007: Master degree, Institute of Media and Communication


My postdoc position is part of the research project Music on demand: Economy and copyright in a digitised cultural sector (MUSEC)

MUSEC investigates how values and rights, roles and relations are negotiated and evaluated when music is produced and distributed via digital media. My research focuses on how actors in the Norwegian music industry deal with competition in national and International markets.

My PhD dissertation Using Music Streaming Services: Practices, Experiences and the Lifeworld of Musicking was written as part of the research project "Clouds and Concerts: Trends in Music Culture". 

Teaching and seminars  

I have teaching experience from music and media classes at Department of Musicology and Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo.

MEVIT 4531 - Musikk og medier, IMK, 2016   
MUS2325 - Musikklivet og musikkbransjen, IMV, 2015
MEVIT1210 - Medieinstitusjoner og mediehistorie, IMV, 2015
MEVIT 2110 - Popular Culture, IMV, 2006
MEVIT - exfac, medievitenskap, 2005

Guest lecturers in Music and Copyright (2019), Music and Media (2019). 

Universitetspedagogisk basiskompetanse, Fagområdet for universitetspedagogikk, UiO, 2015-2016
Vurdering og eksamen (25 t)
Studieprogram og Emneutvikling (25t)
Fellesdelen (50 t) 


Tags: Media and communication, Music and media, Popular culture, Social media, Mobile media, media technology, Media Use and Users, Media innovation, Media use among children and adolescents, Cultural history
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