Emil Kraugerud

Doctoral Research Fellow - Department of Musicology
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Phone +47 22854754
Room 334
Available hours By appointment
Visiting address Sem Sælands vei 2 ZEB-bygningen 0371 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1017 Blindern 0315 OSLO
Other affiliations Department of Education (Student) IMV stab

Academic interests

  • Record production
  • Popular music
  • Intimacy in music
  • Sound analysis
  • Music technology


My doctoral project, "Intimacy in Popular Music Sound", deals with the production of acousmatic intimacy in recorded popular music. The aim of the project is to investigate how a sense of intimacy in recordings can be understood, how it is produced in the studio, and how it may contribute to the communication of various forms of meaning. Although the voice may be an immediate association when discussing intimacy in recorded music, this project also examines intimate representations of other sounds. The project considers many different approaches to the production of intimacy, and it makes use of different methodologies, including music analyses, and interviews with record producers, studio engineers and mix engineers.



  • PhD in popular music studies, University of Oslo (2021)
  • MPhil in musicology, University of Oslo (2014-2016)
  • BA in musicology, University of Oslo (2011-2014)
Tags: Popular Music, Music Production, Music Technology, Music Analysis


  • Kraugerud, E. (2020). Come Closer: Acousmatic Intimacy in Popular Music Sound. PhD dissertation, University of Oslo.
  • Danielsen, A.; Kjus, Y. & Kraugerud, E. (2018). Gendered patterns in music mediation: a study of male and female performers at the Øya festival using multiple data sources. Poetics. ISSN 0304-422X.
  • Kraugerud, E. (2017). Meanings of Spatial Formation in Recorded Sound. Journal on the Art of Record Production, Proceedings of the 10th Art of Record Production Conference, Drexel University, Philadelphia, Nov. 6-8, 2015. http://www.arpjournal.com/asarpwp/meanings-of-spatial-formation-in-recorded-sound/


  • Dingus (2016). Dingus. Safe & Sound Recordings. (Album - Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Composer/Performer)

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  • Backe Madsen, Lars & Kraugerud, Emil (2020, 18. desember). Holder Bøhler og Northug musikkfaglig mål? Vi har spurt ekspertene.  Dagens Næringsliv.
  • Kraugerud, Emil (2020). Come Closer: Acousmatic Intimacy in Popular Music Sound. Full text in Research Archive. Show summary
  • Kraugerud, Emil (2020). Musikkens intimitet. ballade.no.
  • Kraugerud, Emil & Dæhlen, Marte (2020, 17. oktober). Hvorfor føles Stein Torleif Bjellas musikk så nær?. [Internett].  forskning.no.
  • Devine, Kyle; Kraugerud, Emil; Jones, Ellis Nathaniel & Størvold, Tore (2019). First Things First.
  • Holbrook, Ulf A. S. & Kraugerud, Emil (2019). Distances and proximities in acousmatic spatiality. Show summary
  • Jones, Ellis Nathaniel; Kraugerud, Emil; Størvold, Tore & Devine, Kyle (2019). Dragging the Lake.
  • Kraugerud, Emil (2019). Domestic intimate space in recorded music.
  • Kraugerud, Emil (2019). Intimacy and extimacy in record production.
  • Kraugerud, Emil (2019). Intimitet i innspilt musikk.
  • Kraugerud, Emil (2019). Producing intimacy: Siv Jakobsen's Nordic Mellow (2017).
  • Kraugerud, Emil (2019). The acousmatic intimacy of domestic spatialities.
  • Kraugerud, Emil (2018). Constructions of Intimacy in St. Vincent's "Hang On Me".
  • Kraugerud, Emil (2018). Hyperintimacy in St. Vincent's "Hang On Me".
  • Kraugerud, Emil (2018). Intimacy in popular music sound.
  • Kraugerud, Emil (2018). Take Time.
  • Kraugerud, Emil (2017). The role of stereo center placement in constructions of intimacy.
  • Kraugerud, Emil; Danielsen, Anne & Askerøi, Eirik (2016). Spaces of Sound: Meanings of Spatiality in Recorded Sound.
  • Kraugerud, Emil (2015). Sound­box as tool in record production.

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