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Academic interests

  • Yoik
  • Ecology of practices
  • Philosophy
  • Social anthropology

My PhD project is about a Sámi chanting tradition called "yoik", approached from philosophical and anthropological perspectives.


Another part of my research concerns the practice of folk dances in Wallonia (Belgium) and its relation to social movements.


  • BA in History of Art and Archaeology: Musicology (Université de Liège, Belgium)
  • MA in History of Art and Archaeology: Musicology (Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium) - one year Erasmus exchange at Universitetet i Oslo (2014-2015)
Tags: Ethnomusicology, Nature/Culture, Music and Philosophy, Music and nature, Practice as research


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  • Aubinet, Stéphane (2020). The Craft of Yoiking: Philosophical Variations on Sámi Chants. Full text in Research Archive. Show summary
  • Aubinet, Stéphane (2018). Franchir l'horizon par la voix dans le joik Sámi (Laponie).
  • Aubinet, Stéphane (2018). Musical notation and non-human voices in Sámi joik.
  • Aubinet, Stéphane (2018). Sámi joik and the singing body as a more-than-human ecology.
  • Aubinet, Stéphane (2017). Cohabiting With Wolves: Sámi joik and the Norwegian Environmental Policy.
  • Aubinet, Stéphane (2017). Singing Sámi territories in a more-than-human world.
  • Aubinet, Stéphane & Malay, Olivier (2017). Democracy and transition in Belgian folk bals.
  • Aubinet, Stéphane (2016). Chanter le territoire Sámi (Laponie).

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