Popular Music and Dust - Archives, Memory, Heritage, Historiography

A Seminar Co-Organized by the National Library (NB) and the Department of Musicology (IMV), University of Oslo. Keynote speaker Marion Leonard (Institute of Popular Music, University of Liverpool).



09:00-09:05    Hege Høsøien (NB): Welcome address

09:05-09:15    Ivar Håkon Eikje (NB): Introduction

09:15-11:00    Students from the Department of Musicology. Chair: Kyle Devine (IMV)

09:15-09:45    Eirik Øverby Vist: The Oslo Jazz Festival: Revivals and roots in jazz​

09:45-10:15    Geir Stadheim: Rock Posters from the National Library of Norway Collection

10:15-10:45    Simon Bakke Frøystadvåg: A historiographic view on JR Ewing

11:00-11:15     BREAK

11:15-12:15    KEYNOTE: Marion Leonard (University of Liverpool): 'This really happened'. Confirmation, memory and the representation of popular music history. Chair: Áine Mangaoang (IMV)

Marion Leonard






12:15--              Kyle Devine (IMV): Discussion & Closing Remarks

12:30                END 

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