Pedro Pestana: Knowledge Engineering in Music Technology and Sonic Arts

A lecture by Pedro Pestana on music technology and emergent audio technologies.

In this talk we will address the current state of affairs and directions in the field of music technology, tying to the speaker's experience in both academia and industry, bearing in mind the possible goals an early career researcher/developer may consider when choosing projects and areas to work in.

In the second part, we will discuss three specific projects dealing with emergent audio technologies that made it to market over the last couple of years: a cross-adaptive audio processing system for intelligent mastering of music, a large-scale sound-art installation, and a sonic branding project that reacts to large scale analysis of crowds to generate interactive sound design.

Pedro Duarte Pestana was born in Lisbon in 1975, and has pursued an interdisciplinary career that always gravitates around sound and media. He has a PhD in Computer Music and is currently a Gulbenkian Professor of Interactive Sound Design at UCP in Porto. He has led the Research Center in Science and Technology of the Arts at UCP and taught extensively in several Universities in Portugal. Working in intelligent systems applied to audio, he has helped found two software companies in Canada and worked as lead audio research and consultant in the audio software industry. As a sound engineer he has worked with many prominent artists such as Teresa Salgueiro, Pedro Jóia, Mário Laginha, among others. He has worked in several media installations, drawing from his skills with physical computing, most recently with artist Bill Fontana.


Intelligent Audio Production Strategies Informed by Best Practices

This is a guest lecture in the course MCT4046.

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