Leif Arne Rønningen: Sonification and Sound Design

A lecture by Leif Arne Rønningen (NTNU) on sonification, including sound design, interface implementation and perceptual analysis.

Leif Arne Rønningen (NTNU)

Part 1. Advanced Collaboration Spaces, requirements and possible realisations

A simple collaboration space could include a single 2D screen, camera, microphone, two loudspeakers and PC. A really advanced collaboration space would have the floor, the ceiling, and all walls as displays, a large number of cameras integrated, and microphones and loudspeakers for 'position sound'. When moving in the space, you should be able to see any side of spatial static objects on the screen from correct direction - multi-view. Requirements and possible realisations will be presented. The cameras have to be nearly invisible, and placed in calculated positions. Using lens arrays and tiny RGB laser scanners, it is possible to build multi-view displays with cameras from a basic module. Furthermore, the sound from a person should be localised to his mouth. To make the experience near-natural, the networks and equipment used, have to guarantee minimum spatial and temporal resolutions, and maximum optical end-to-end delay. This cannot be supported by existing Internet, but with future networks with delay-guarantees provided by e.g., Quality Shaping.


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Part 2. The Nidarø Sculpture - dynamic vision and audio sculpture/Shell Senior Village on top of Nidarøhallen

The Nidarø Sculpture is a dynamic vision and audio sculpture/Shell Senior Village, on top of Nidarøhallen. The audio sculpture will be transformed from vision in real time. The playout network can be built with existing small, cheap computers cooperating via WiFi routers.


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Leif Arne Rønningen graduated as MSc in 1976 and PhD in 1982, from the Dep. of telematics, NTNU. He has experience from R&D, project management, marketing, general- and top management and teaching, within ICT, song drama, and combinations, and several start-up of new companies. Positions held are as diving instructor, project manager, marketing-, research-, managing- and technical director, steering-board member, and chairman of the board. From 1995-99 he was engaged by Telenor as a consultant, and was deeply involved in the introduction of digital TV and specification work on future digital TV in Europe (DVB, DigiTAG and NorDig). In 1999 he was research director at Dep. of signal processing and system design, SINTEF. From 2000 he has been full professor at the IIK/ NTNU, since 2014 as emeritus. Current R&D areas are collaboration spaces & music drama, and city planning.


This is a guest lecture in the course MCT4046.

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