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Clouds & Concerts: Trends in Music Culture (completed)

The project has researched audiences experience of live music and the use of new digital music services in the period 2010-2016. Main findings are summarized here. Academic publications will be updated under the list of publications.

The research project studied two main areas: 

Clouds: Streaming and music online

This subproject investigated the role of streaming services like WiMP and Spotify, and how audiences find and share music through social media.

  • Listeners in Norway are world leading users of music streaming services: 7 of 10 adults use Spotify or WiMP
  • Smart phones is today the main platform for music streaming in Norway, overtaking PCs and Macs in 2012
  • Playlists listening is an important mode of use, presenting users with new ways of listening to and exploring music

Concerts: Festivals and live music

This subproject were concerned with the role of live music and experiences of liveness in contemporary music culture.

  • Audiences are seeking strong and rare experiences through live music
  • Mobile phones are increasingly used to take pictures of live music and share content through social media
  • Mobile phone use and social media represent the most notable changes in audience behavior the last decade
  • The Øya music festival and other large media events give rise to a large growth in streaming of artists related to the event​​

Tags: Streaming, streaming services, festivals, concerts, live music, digital music, digitalization
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