Yngvar Kjus


Yngvar Kjus

What is the significance of live music in contemporary music culture? In the 2000s the amount and accessibility of digital music files has exploded, but that is not to say that live music has been at a stand still. Live performance has a particular role within music, and the aim of this post doc project is to study how this role is evolving. In Norway, as well as internationally, the last decade has seen a marked increase in concerts and music festivals. It has been said that whereas live performance used to be a means to promote records, the table has now turned. For many music artists, as well as other music industry actors, live performance has become more important, and audiences, for their part, seem more keen on live music. This postdoc project will explore the significance and value of live music performance and its relationship with the forms of music mediation surrounding it. In so doing, interviews will be conducted both with music industry actors and audience members.


Yngvar Kjus is post.doc on the project. He has a PhD in Media Studies from the Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo (2009), with the thesis Event media. In 2009, Kjus won the European Journal of Communications Article of the Year Award with the article Everyone Needs Idols: Reality Television and Transformations in Media Structure, Production and Output.

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