Clouds: The use of music streaming services and online sharing

How do listeners find, share and listen to music, when they have access to vast libraries of music anytime through services like Spotify and WiMP? And how does streaming influence the role of music in contemporary music culture?

The subproject on music in the ‘clouds’ concerns Internet based music in participatory culture, discourse on music as self-presentation and impression management, and the role of online friendships and social ties in the dissemination of music in contemporary music culture.

  • We examined the ways in which different media platforms typical of the ‘digital’ age – i.e. streaming services and social media – were used by audiences before, during and after concerts.
  • A special focus has been on the role of mobile media in everyday music culture.

Unique streaming data

This research project is one of the first to receive actual streaming data from a streaming service. A total of 72 weeks of streaming logs from 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 from the Norwegian streaming service WiMP, enabled us to get an unique insight in how people relates to music in everyday life.

The Øya-festival and mobile use

Furthermore, we have been concerned with if and how live music influences music streaming activities. Thus, we used the popular Oslo-based Øyafestival to analyse the impact of major events on streaming patterns, and how audiences were using the mobile phone in everyday life to consume music.

In addition to the streaming logs from WiMP, we have conducted several focus group interviews with audience from Øyafestivalen regarding their relationship to live music and use of mobile media during, under and after the festival.


Associate professor, Arnt Maasø, was responsible for this part of the project.

Other participants:

Anja Nylund Hagen wrote her PhD in the project 'Using Music Streaming Services: Practices, Experiences and the Lifeworld of Musicking', defended in 2015.

Marika Lüders is a research scientist at SINTEF and her work focuses on audiences and their use of social media.

Helena Zarifa Pedersen wrote her master thesis analyzing the two mobile apps from Spotify and the Norwegian streaming service WiMP.

Ragnhild Toldnes wrote her master thesis  on the the music shared after the 22/7 terror attacs in Oslo (Utøya) and sharing of music on social media in the time period after the terror.

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