Concerts: live music in the era of digital mediation

What is a live event in the era of digitally mediated music events, and what is the value of liveness for music listeners today?

The subproject on ‘concerts’ has been concerned with how live and mediated forms evolve, how they are being used and mixed, and to what extent ‘physical’ live events extend into a virtual community.

  • Of particular interest is how the content and value of the live event has changed with the new forms and combinations of mediation and live performance made possible by online communication and distribution (see also ‘clouds’ subproject).

  • What is liveness today, and how does the infrastructure of a contemporary festival extend into digital platforms such as streaming services and social media

Professor Anne Danielsen was responsible for this part of the project, and was joined by these researchers: 

  • Yngvar Kjus was a postdoc within the project, focusing on the impact of live music in current music culture. 

  • Inger Helseth wrote her master's thesis on how audiences and artist experienced live music as concerts and live format is continuously influenced by technological and digitalized sound.  

  • Ada Sandnes wrote her master's thesis on the roles social media and the music experience played for the audience visiting the local festival Volumfestivalen. 

Published Sep. 18, 2012 12:25 PM - Last modified Mar. 7, 2018 11:27 AM