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Popular Music & Gender in a Transcultural Context (completed)

This project focused on how gender is significantly influenced by music, with specific emphasis placed upon the transcultural aspects of popular music in contemporary societies.

Four different artists with fur clothings. Collage. Photo.

A word cloud of the project's current research material.

Documentary with key findings

By Camilla Smaadal

About the project

The project was the first of its kind in Europe to focus primarily on music as a gendered activity within a mobile transcultural context.

It sought to critically examine a range of case studies from Norwegian everyday musical life as well as other countries within and outside Europe.

The project considersed the audiovisual representation of music as a dominant facet of cultural expression through the channels of art, television, commercials, Internet, music videos and digital games.


Three main goals underpin the project:

  • To develop theories that identify gendered performance within a transcultural context
  • To research into and devise methods for defining different forms of performance activity with a specific focus on Norwegian artists
  • To produce new insights into issues of gender equality that are critically informed what is going on in globalised popular culture.


Popular Music & Gender in a Transcultural Context was an interdisciplinary project and involved linking a musicological inquiry to the border disciplines of sociology, media studies, gender studies and social anthropology.

This project built on a tradition of international research already undertaken at the Department of Musicology, University of Oslo, where the study of popular music has been a major area of scholarly development during the past twenty years.


Popular Music & Gender in a Transcultural Context was jointly funded by The Research Council of Norway under the program FRIHUM, and the University of Oslo.


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  • Birgitte Sandve
  • Jon Mikkel Broch Ålvik
  • Mats Sigvard Johansson
  • Mari Paus
  • Kai Arne Hansen
  • Gaute Kjølner Andersen
  • Craig Jennex
Detailed list of participants