Stan Hawkins with new publication

Professor Stan Hawkins is the editor of a newly published book on critical musicology in honor of Derek B. Scott. 

In honor of Derek B. Scotts sixtieth birthday, this collection of essays by notable musicologists, edited by Stan Hawkins, is published by Ashgate. Derek Scott's role in the developing of critical musicology can hardly be overstated, and in this publications musicologists who have themselves been part of this paradigmatic shift contribute with essays in critical musicology. 

Ashgate writes this about the publication: "Setting out to address a range of approaches to theorizing music and promulgating modes of analysis across a wide range of repertories, the essays in this collection can be read as a coming of age of critical musicology through its active dialogue with other disciplines such as sociology, feminism, ethnomusicology, history, anthropology, philosophy, cultural studies, aesthetics, media studies, film music studies, and gender studies. The volume provides music researchers and graduate students with an up-to-date authoritative reference to all matters dealing with the state of critical musicology today". 

Contributors: Stan Hawkins (ed.), Susan McClary, Lucy Green, David Cooper, Vesa Kurkela, Peter Wicke, Richard Leppert, Antoine Hennion, John Richardson, Charles Ford, Franco Fabbri, Nicholas Cook, Allan F. Moore, Lawrence Kramer and Sheila Whiteley.

Published Apr. 16, 2012 5:53 PM