Ph.D. student Jon Mikkel Broch Ålvik with new publication

Ph.D. student Jon Mikkel Broch Ålvik has contributed to a new publication, "Morgenbladet topp 100," with nine short essays. The publication represents the newspaper Morgenbladet's charting of the hundred greatest Norwegian albums. This is based on the top ten list put together by Norwegian musicians themselves.

Broch Ålvik has written about the following albums: Jaga Jazzist: A Livingroom Hush (2001) Maria Mena: Cause and Effect (2008)  Slinkombas: Slinkombas (1979)  Rockettothesky: To Sing You Apple Trees (2006)  Popol Vuh: Popol Vuh (1972)  Arve Henriksen: Cartography (2008)  Sister Rain: Wild Flowers Grow (1991) Raga Rockers: The Return of the Raga Rockers (1983)  Marit Larsen: Under The Surface (2006) 

Published Dec. 20, 2011 12:25 PM