New publications @ ICMC 2008


SMA-researchers will present two papers at this year"s International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) in Belfast, 24-29 August 2008:

  • Jensenius, A. R., K. Nymoen and R. I. Godøy (2008): A Multilayered GDIF-Based Setup for Studying Coarticulation in the Movements of Musicians.

Full paper (PDF)


Abstract. The paper presents some challenges faced in developing an experimental setup for studying coarticulation in music-related body movements. This has included solutions for storing and synchronising motion capture, biosensor and MIDI data, and related audio and video files. The implementation is based on a multilayered Gesture Description Interchange Format (GDIF) structure, written to Sound Description Interchange Format (SDIF) files using the graphical programming environment Max/MSP.





  • Place, T., T. Lossius, A. R. Jensenius and N. Peters (2008): Flexible Control of Composite Parameters in Max/MSP.

Full paper (PDF)


Abstract: Fundamental to the development of musical or artistic creative work is the ability to transform raw materials. This ability implies the facility to master many facets of the material, and to shape it with plasticity. Computer music environments typically provide points of control to manipulate material by supplying parameters with controllable values. This capability to control the values of parameters is inadequate for many artistic endeavors, and does not reflect the analogous tools and methods of artists working with physical materials. Rather than viewing parameters in computer-based systems as single points of control, the authors posit that parameters must become more multifaceted and dynamic in order to serve the needs of artists. The authors propose an expanded notion of how to work with parameters in computer-centric environments for time-based art. A proposed partial solution to this problem is to give parameters additional properties that define their behavior. An example implementation of these ideas is presented in Jamoma.

By Alexander Refsum Jensenius
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