New publication: ICMC 2010

We have a paper entitled "fourMs, University of Oslo – Lab Report" in the Proceedings of the 2010 International Computer Music Conference, New York, NY, 1–5 June 2010. [PDF]

Authors: Jensenius, A.R., Glette, K., Godøy, R.I., Høvin, M., Nymoen, K., Skogstad, S.A., Tørresen, J. (2010)

Abstract: The paper reports on the development and activities in the recently established fourMs lab (Music, Mind, Motion, Ma- chines) at the University of Oslo, Norway. As a meeting place for researchers in music and informatics, the fourMs lab is centred around studies of basic issues in music cogni- tion, machine learning and robotics.

Tags: publication, lab, fourMs By Alexander Refsum Jensenius
Published Aug. 21, 2012 3:05 PM - Last modified Mar. 1, 2015 10:09 PM