Research topic: Music technology

Music technology is central to the production, distribution and analysis of music.

As an academic discipline, music technology encompasses fundamental research within fields such as acoustics, sound cognition and computer science.

The knowledge acquired from these fields facilitates the development of instruments and tools for sound production and analysis purposes. Working with these instruments and tools is an important component of creating music. This technology is placed in a wider context in analytical, historical and education studies.

Throughout history, new technology has played a central role in musical life. The invention of a music notation system in the Middle Ages, the saxophone in the 19th century, and the MP3 player in the 20th century are examples of innovations within the field of music technology that have contributed to the development of music.

Today, music technology is a discipline that is taught and researched at educational institutions worldwide. Experience in developing, using and analysing music technology is not only useful in all areas of the music industry, but of importance in the education sector. Knowledge of music technology is also beneficial in the technology and ICT sectors.

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Published Feb. 8, 2013 12:35 PM - Last modified Nov. 8, 2018 10:01 AM