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These pages contain all the practical information you need to submit your master's thesis at the Department of Musicology.

For MCT-program

Submission deadline

  • 2 May (spring semester)
  • 1 November (autumn semester)

If the deadline is on an official holiday, a Saturday, or a Sunday, the deadline is extended to the next working day.

To-do-list for submission day

  • Submit your thesis as a pdf in StudentWeb. This must be done in order so that the thesis can be uploaded into DUO, the university's archive of master theses. 
  • Submit the thesis as a pdf in Inspera.
  • Fill in and submit this form: Form for Submission of thesis/Issuance of Diploma
    We need to send this form to the Faculty of Arts in order for them to produce your diploma.

Submit Master's thesis to DUO in Studentweb

Submit your Master's thesis in INSPERA

Applying for an EXTRA SEMESTER:

  • You may apply for an extra semester - no more than twice. More information on how to apply for an extra semester at the Faculty of Humanities.
  • The deadlines for applying for an extra semester are 1 June (spring semester) and 1 December autumn semester). This means: If you are unable to submit your thesis within 2 May/1 November, you will have to apply for an extra semester. The extra semester will not be granted automatically. You should have a feasible plan for the semester approved by your supervisor.
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