Bachelor's degree programme in Musicology

A Bachelor’s degree is awarded after completion of courses totalling 180 credits. This usually corresponds to three years’ study. The Department offers a Bachelor’s degree programme in musicology (offered in Norwegian).  


How do iPods affect our listening habits? What impact has the new opera house in Oslo had on music in Norway? Is funk similar to Norwegian folk music? If these kinds of issues interest you, then Musicology is the programme for you.

In Musicology, Abba, Beethoven and Coltrane co-exist side by side, and you study their music with a book in one hand and a plectrum in the other. The aim is to give students an understanding of what is happening in music and the role it plays in our own and other cultures. Students also learn to arrange and produce music, as well as making progress with their chosen instrument.

The programme is taught in Scandinavia’s largest musicology department. During the course of a typical day, you might play violin in a chamber orchestra, discuss the similarities between Bach and James Brown, and sample music in the MIDI room. You will even have the opportunity to try your hand at creating brand-new instruments in the music technology lab.

This programme is ideal for people who want to practise music and learn more about music theory and the role music plays in society.

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