Master's degree programme in musicology

Once you have obtained a Bachelor's degree, you can build on this by continuing with a Master's programme. This will earn you a Master's degree, which is a higher degree. A Master's programme normally lasts for two years, or carries 120 credits. During the course of the programme, students submit a comprehensive, independent piece of written work – the Master's thesis. The Department offers a Master's degree programme in musicology (offered in Norwegian).  


Communication, cultural understanding, history of music, aesthetics, popular music research, music theory, music technology.

This programme provides you with excellent opportunities to engage in an in-depth, specialist study of the science of music. The specialist content of this course is clearly defined for the Master's programme, and you can either write a Master's thesis or undertake a Master's project. Your interests and ideas about your future choice of career will determine which in-depth study you choose.

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