Recent Approaches in Music Studies

This course will run Autumn 2021.

Course content

This course will critically examine recent approaches within the broadly conceived field of music studies. The aim is to enable PhD candidates to relate their own work theoretically and practically to other research strands of the disciplinary area, and to assess the various epistemological and hermeneutical challenges involved in studying and engaging with music.


Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, the PhD fellow will:

  • Be familiar with recent critical approaches within music studies.
  • Be able to relate own research to recent approaches within music studies.
  • Be able to understand and assess different epistemological and hermeneutical issues in contemporary music studies, including those that lie beyond the PhD fellow's own research.



The course consists of 8 sessions of up to three hours each held in the Autumn 2021, to be placed in the weekly ‘PhD slot’, Tuesdays 9:15-13.



  • Active participation, including presentations and discussions of selected topics in the curriculum and one presentation of the main content of the final essay.
  • Submit a final essay by December 15 2021 of approximately 5000 words which shall give a well-informed and balanced discussion of the epistemological and hermeneutical issues of the PhD fellow's own research.
  • By fulfilling the required active participation and submitting the final essay, the course will give the PhD fellow 5 ECTS points as part of the PhD training component
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