PhD course on academic formats: monograph, article, kappe

This course explores the central formats relevant to the doctoral dissertation. The choice between the monograph and the article-based dissertation is of central concern for the doctoral candidate, and the article-based dissertation also demands mastery of the “kappe” format. Knowledge of the formats is not only relevant for the choice between the two, but also for the development of one’s competence and profile as researcher more generally.

This course presents the formats, communicates working experiences with them, and opens for reflection about what they suitable for.

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8.45: Fruit and mingling
9.00: Welcome, and a bit about the program (by Yngvar Kjus and Eirik Jacobsen)

Part 1: Presentation of the formats

9.10: Ragnhild Brøvig-Hanssen (IMV / RITMO) on the monograph format
9.30: Vilde Schanke Sundet (IMK) on the article format
9.50: Nanna Fredheim (Høyskolen Kristiania) on the "kappe" format
10.10: Break

Part 2: Panel discussion

10.20: Panel discussion: Monograph, articles, "kappe" format (moderator: Eirik Jacobsen)
11.15: Lunch break

Part 3: Workshop

12.00: Intro to the workshop (by Yngvar Kjus)
14.00: End


The course is open for doctoral candidates from UiO and from other research institutions.

If you want to participate - you are encouraged to prepare by considering your PhD project and the format(s) you are using or planning to use. 

Please also reflect on what you find challenging, and what you would like to get input on during the course. 


Participants are asked to register by 1 June 2022. 

About the course

The course is developed by the Department of Musicology with support from the Faculty of Humanities.

Doctoral candidates from IMV and ILN will receive 1 ECTS point toward their Elective research training component - if you do the following: 
To get the ECTS point, you must participate in "Part 3: workshop", and submit a text (2-3 pages) about how you will use academic formats in your thesis, and what you consider as associated challenges and opportunities. The text is to be submitted to the course organizers after the course (send it to  


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