Forskningsforum Hip Hop & Prince

To kick off the first Research seminar of the semester we have invited two distinguished guests from the USA, Prince Charles Alexander and Susan Rogers.


13.15     Prince Charles Alexander: ‘What is Hip Hop Anyway?


15.00     Break: refreshments


15.30     Susan Rogers: "'And That Says What?' Prince Rogers Nelson and Self-Expression, 1983-1987"


16.30     Panel Discussion (with Anne Danielsen, Sarah Niblock and Stan Hawkins (moderator))


17.15     Reception: refreshments


Prince Charles Alexander is professor of Popular Music at Berklee College, with specialisms in music production and engineering. He is also recognised as a leading figure in record production and was an early innovator of wind synthesis and the punk-funk generation that paved the way for the rap movement in the USA. He has more than 40 Platinum and Gold certifications from  the RIAA and has been a Grammy recipient and nominee on many occasions. See:

Susan Rogers is professor at Berklee College and Director of the Music Perception and Cognition Laboratory. Much of her research focuses on auditory memory, the perception of musical signals, and training in auditory development. She is also widely recognised as one of the world’s most important record producers, engineers, mixers and audio electronics technicians, having worked for Prince as staff engineer from 1983 to 1988. See:

The musician Prince is reported to have a large stash of unreleased music locked away inside a vault at his recording studio just outside Minneapolis.

Now Prince's former sound engineer, Susan Rogers, has told the BBC that the vault does exist and it's full of tracks.


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