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The [Optic]Fiber Ensemble

The first-year MCT master students welcome you to a networked music performance as part of the Embodied Perspectives on Musical AI (EmAI) workshop.


Bildet kan inneholde: fargerike, rektangel, font, skjermdump, symmetri.

The Embodied Perspectives on Musical AI (EmAI) is a two-day workshop consisting of keynote speeches, performances, and thematic sessions, where we explore musical artificial intelligence's past, present, and future through the lenses of embodied cognition.

The [Optic]Fiber Ensemble consists of first-year MCT master students. As part of the EmAi, the students invite you to their end-semester concert; a telematic performance between RITMO and the UiO Science Library, Tuesday, November 22rd, at 19:00.


  • 19:00  - Autumn Leaves + Ain't no Sunshine (Cover song mashup) 
  • 19:15  - Telematic Tapes (original composition)  


  • Masoud Niknafs - Laptop and composition 
  • Fabian Stordalen - Bass guitar and no-input mixing
  • Nino Jakeli - Vocals and piano
  • Ahmet Emin Memis - Drums and Ney

Network, Audio, and Streaming Technicians 

  • Kristian Eicke 
  • Jack Edward Hardwick
  • Iosif Aragiannis 
  • Aysima Baba 
  • Alexander James Wastnidge

Course coordinator and teacher: Aleksander Tidemann

See you there! 

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