Carl Michael von Hausswolff/Michael Esposito: Electronic Voice Phenomena

Find out how a sound artist attempts to grab ghosts from significant spaces

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IMV welcomes Carl Michael von Hausswolff and Michael Esposito to the Department in collaboration with Ultima: Oslo Contemporary Music Festival. 

Swedish artist Carl Michael von Hausswolff has spent many years researching Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), in which electromagnetic signals picked up from television sets and other devices are believed to be the long lost voices of the dead. During the Ultima festival, using special recording technology, and collaborating with US experimental musician and EVP researcher Michael Esposito, he will try to capture communications from ‘the other side’ at the Vigeland Museum in Oslo.
This lecture at IMV will describe their methods and findings before the performance at the Vigeland museum in the evening. Based on the work of Friedrich Jürgenson, EVP treads a thin but fascinating line between between science and spiritualism.

Free (and open to all)

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