Popular Music and Environment in the Nordic Region

A Master's grant á kr 30.000,- is announced for a project in the field of "Popular Music and Environment in the Nordic Region"

This master’s grant may be allocated to a motivated master’s degree candidate with an interest in music from the Nordic region. The student will be expected to conduct research into the relationship between music and concepts of nature, which draws on a range of emerging literature in this specialist field. 

The proposal should be situated within a critical musicological context, with a

focus on new theoretical perspectives from ecocriticism, environmental humanities and popular music studies. The aim of the research project is to further our understanding of how music is situated in relation to the environment. The focus might fall on the cultural and intellectual history of the nature-concept in the Nordic countries, its relationship to the politics of the nation state and to the marketing and promotion of Nordic cultural products abroad. The candidate is encouraged to explore different perspectives through music and the environment, and the study can be informed by qualitative, quantitative and/or interpretive methods. 

The successful candidate will be expected to participate regularly in the events organised by the department’s research group, Nordic Sounds as well as the affiliated Pop Center in Oslo, as well as assisting in associated activities attached to the project’s broader remit.

Publisert 12. aug. 2019 19:45 - Sist endret 12. aug. 2019 19:45