Courses and registration 2021 autumn for the MCT programme


There is a central checklist concerning what you need to do in August (in Norwegian)

For international students, the list is overlapping, but is organized slightly differently. The most important things as far as registration is concerned, are:

Get username and password

Register for courses

Registering and applying for courses

The registration is done via the Studentweb  Deadline: Thursday, 19 august at 23:59 hrs. 

Studentweb will close on 20 August and will not open again until 24 August. You should apply for courses before 19 august at 11:59pm to be admitted before teaching starts.

Final deadline: It will not be possible to register or pay the semester fee after 1 September.

Registration involves, besides adding the relevant courses in the Studentweb, going through the entire sequence and clicking "Finalize" at the end. When you have added the courses to your education plan, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "next". Keep doing this, answering all questions and filling in all information, until the "next"-button changes to the "Finalize" button. Completing this sequence will complete the registration.


Information about payment of the semester fee can also be found in the Studentweb. There should be a menu option called "Payments". If you can't see it directly (this will vary a little from one browser to the next), it should be under the option "More...". It may take several days from you make payment via your bank before payment has been registered at UiO. You do not need to have made the payment to register or to add courses, but you do need the payment to have been registered at UiO before you can get your student ID/key card.

ID/key card

You must register and pay the semester fee before you can get your ID/key card.  The card is necessary for access to buildings outside of regular opening hours, but more importantly, it will give you access to crucial rooms for your MCT work. Registration, and payment should therefore be done as soon as possible, and you should get your card as soon as this is possible.


The standard courses for your first semester at MCT are all obligatory. They are:




These are 10 credits each. 30 credits per semester constitutes full time studies.


If you have questions, contact either:

HF-studieinfo / The Student Information Centre at the Faculty of Humanities

Knutepunktet / International Student reception

For administrative questions at the department level, contact



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