WEBINAR: "Et dukkehjem" in Slovenian

In-house Webinar: Guest lecture by assistant professor Marija Zlatnar Moe about translating drama between peripheral languages - translating Ibsen into Slovenian. This guest lecture will be held as a webinar, as the first scheduled event was canceled because of the coronavirus.

Mann og dame liggende med norske sedler i hånden. Foto.

Nora og Helmer (Vojko Belsak and Medvescek). Henrik Ibsen: Nora ali Hiša za punčke. Gledališki list. Prevedel Darko Čuden. Celje: Slovensko ljudsko gledališče Celje - 2016.

How you may join the lecture: 

April 2nd at 2:15 p.m. Connect to the webinar (Zoom) on and use the password: 070492.

Translation of peripherical languages

Translation between peripheral languages has its particularities, and translating drama even more so.

- I will touch upon particularities in connection with drama translation from Norwegian (bokmål) into Slovene, and present the first findings from my research on the five available translations of Ibsen's Et dukkehjem in Slovene, which appeared between 1892 and 2016. Three of them are indirect translations, probably via German, and only one has so far been published in a book. Et dukkehjem is, however, considered a classic in Slovenia and a part of the secondary school literary curriculum, which would probably warrant a new modern translation of the play for use in schools, says Zlatnar Moe.

About Maria Zlatnar Moe

Dame smiler mot kamera. Portrett tatt ute på gata. Foto.
Assistant professor Maria Zlatnar Moe

Maria Zlatnar Moe is assistant professor at the faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. This spring she is a guest researcher at the Centre for Ibsen Studies.

Assitant professor Moe works at the Department of translation at Universitet of Ljubljana where she teaches general translation courses from English into Slovene at the BA level, literary translation and translation for arts and humanities at the MA level. Her research is focused mainly on literary translation with a focus on translation between peripheral/minor languages, drama (re)translation, the ideological issues of translation, translation of sacred texts and translation didactics.

She also works as a literary translator from English and Norwegian into Slovene. Among her recent publications, Center and Periphery: Power relations in the world of translation (with Tanja Žigon and Tamara Mikolič Južnič). Ljubljana: Znanstvena založba Filozofske fakultete, 2019.

Welcome to the webinar!

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