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Ghosts ved The Independent Theatre anmeldt i The Times i London 14. mars 1891 (No. 33,272).


Under this style and title there was initiated last night at the Royalty Theatre a new theatrical enterprise, which may briefly be described as an English adaptation of the methods of the now notorious Théâtre-Libre. It is doing the promoters of the scheme no injustice to so describe it. They frankly place the name of the Théâtre-Libre on their programme as their sub-heading; they take no money at the doors, but invite subscriptions to the «Independent Theatre Society,» quite in the manner of M. Antoine; and, evading by this device, as they believe, the censorship of the Lord Chamberlain, they produce a play which could not possibly obtain official sanction in this country namely, Ibsens Ghosts. Whether this proceeding will be officially acknowledged to be compatible with the terms of the statute for the regulation of theatres remains to be seen. The Royalty was last night filled by an orderly audience, including many ladies, who listened attentively to the dramatic exposition of a subject which is not usually discussed outside the walls of an hospital. The cast of Ghosts consisted of Mrs. Theodore Wright, Miss Edith Kenward, Mr. Frank Lindo, Mr. Leonard Outram, and Mr. Sydney Howard. Other plays of a similar kind, it is understood, are to be produced under the auspices of the society. At the conclusion of the performance Mr. J. T. Grein, the «founder and sole manager» of the Independent Theatre, came before the curtain and said his aim was to foster a more literary and less artificial style of drama than that now prevalent. The play they had just seen was, no doubt, terrible in conception, but it was artistic in its evolution and its characterization. He invited young dramatists to come forward and work with him in the cause he had at heart, and he trusted the public would support him in this attempt to bring the stage into closer relation with the life of the day. These few words, like the performance, were loudly applauded, the house consisting almost wholly of sympathizers with the movement.

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