Anonym anmelder i The Times

The Wild Duck ved Independent Theatre Society anmeldt i The Times i London 5. mai 1894 (No. 34,256).
INDEPENDENT THEATRE SOCIETY. This body gave one of its occasional performances last night at the Royalty Theatre, the piece selected being The Wild Duck, by Ibsen. The Wild Duck is regarded as one of the most enigmatical of its authors works. It is, however, a better acting play than The Master Builder, its satire, though obscured by allegory, being essentially dramatic. The rivalry of the new generation and the old is but moderately effective as a stage theme in comparison with the indiscreet pursuit of ideals by that «sufferer from chronic integrity,» Gregers Werle, who, in his eagerness to tell everybody the truth, plays havoc with the happiness of his friends. The principal parts were taken by Mr. Charles Fulton, as Gregers, Mr. Abingdon as Healmar Ekdal, Mrs. Herbert Waring as Geria, Miss Winifred Fraser as Hedrig, and Mr. Lawrence Irving as Relling, the exponent of common sense and worldly wisdom. To the graphic acting of Mr. Abingdon and Mr. Lawrence Irving the success of the representation was largely due.
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