Minna Lehtonen er tilsatt i fast stilling som førsteamanuensis på MultiLing

Lehtonen kommer til MultiLing fra Åbo Akademi ved Universitetet i Turku i Finland. Hun skal blant annet forske på flerspråklighet fra et psykolingvistisk perspektiv, og ser fram til å oppleve Oslo.

Lehtonen er utdannet psykolog, og hun kommer til å følge med over til fagområdet Flerspråklighet ved ILN når SFF-perioden til MultiLing går ut. Lehtonen beskriver sin bakgrunn og forskning på engelsk:

“I have worked as a researcher at University of Helsinki for a number of years after a post-doc period in the USA. I am a psychologist by training, and my research has focused on how one or multiple languages are processed in the brain and how learning a second language affects the neurocognitive system.

One of my recent research projects has focused on the question of whether bilingualism is associated with benefits and costs on cognitive control functions and language. I have also done research on how morphologically complex words, i.e., words with several meaningful units (“read+er+s”), are processed in monolinguals and bilinguals, and whether processing is affected by the structure of the language (e.g., Finnish vs. Swedish). We are also currently investigating how such words are being processed by immigrants attempting to learn the morphologically rich Finnish language.

In my research at MultiLing I will be focusing on psycholinguistics of multilingualism, cognitive neuroscience of language, and language learning. The department is soon opening a brand new laboratory for cognitive and sociolinguistic research, including, e.g., EEG and eye-tracking equipment, and I am excited to participate in the development and use of these new facilities. In teaching, my aim is to develop the education offered in experimental psycholinguistics, cognitive neuroscience, and methods related to these research areas within linguistics at UiO.

I enjoy hiking and cross-country skiing, so I’m very much looking forward to all the things Oslo and Norway in general have to offer in that respect.”

Av Ellen Evju Jahr
Publisert 16. jan. 2018 15:26 - Sist endret 2. juni 2022 13:18