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Unn Røyneland smiling and weating a light blue blazer
Tid og sted: 8. sep. 2021 14:1515:15, Zoom (click to enter)

Unn Røyneland (Professor, Deputy Director of MultiLing) will discuss language activism, power, and the concept of language

Students following a lecture with their laptops and headphones
Tid og sted: 6. sep. 202110. sep. 2021, Georg Sverdrups hus, Stort møterom / Zoom

MultiLing's Summer School 2021 will take place from the 6th to the 10th of September 2021. The main topic this year will be Open-science practices in experimental psycholinguistics: from research plan to data processing and visualization in R.

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José Luis Rojas Díaz smiling sitting in an office wearing light coloured jacket
Tid: 1. sep. 2021 14:1515:15

José Luis Rojas Díaz (PhD candidate, NHH Norwegian School of Economics, Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication) will present his research on phraseology and equivalence in translation.

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Tid og sted: 26. aug. 2021 02:1503:14, online

Michelle has an MSc from the European Masters in Clinical Linguistics (University of Groningen) and a PhD from Stellenbosch University. Since obtaining her PhD she has worked as a postdoc for the University of Cape Town, forming part of a team adapting child language assessments into six South African languages. Michelle will be starting as a postdoc at MultiLing later this year. 

Michelle will give the talk in English. 

University library, Oslo
Tid og sted: 14. juni 202118. juni 2021, Universitetet i Oslo

The NGL conference series (also ICNGL) provides an open forum for linguistic research in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas on Nordic (including Germanic, Finnic, Saamic and Greenlandic) and other languages, including multilingualism.

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Tid: 27. mai 2021 14:1515:15

Dr Suzanne Beeke is an associate professor in the Division of Psychology and Language Sciences at University College London, and a qualified speech and language therapist. Her research focuses on communication disability in adults with post-stroke aphasia, traumatic brain injury, and dementia, particularly the impact of these conditions on everyday conversations in the home and on healthcare interactions. She led the team that developed Better Conversations with Aphasia (@BCAphasia), a free e-learning resource and communication training programme for SLTs to use with people with aphasia and family members (https://extend.ucl.ac.uk/). She was part of the Nottingham-based NIHR HR&DS funded VOICE Study, which developed communication training for healthcare professionals interacting with people with dementia on acute hospital wards (@voice_study).

Suzanne Beeke's talk will be in English.

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Tid og sted: 26. mai 2021 14:1515:45, Zoom

Nuranindia Endah Arum (Doctoral Research Fellow at MultiLing) will give a talk on lived language learning experience of an Indonesian engineer in a Norwegian multinational oil company.

Magdalena Solarek-Gliniewicz
Tid og sted: 12. mai 2021 14:1515:15, Zoom

Magdalena Solarek-Gliniewicz (Doctoral Research Fellow, MultiLing) will discuss her PhD research on communication between Polish physicians and their patients in Norway

Miriam Weidl
Tid og sted: 5. mai 2021 14:1515:15, Zoom

Miriam Weidl (Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Helsinki) will discuss versatile and mutable multilingualisms in Senegal

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Tid: 29. apr. 2021 14:1515:15

Mia Cecilie Heller is a senior advisor at Statped, section for speech and language impairments. She has a PhD in educational psychology (from University of Oslo, Department of Education) and has previously worked as a lecturer (Department of Special Needs Education, UiO) and as a school psychologist (School Psychologist Service in Oslo). Her research interests concern language development in second-language learners, developmental language disorders and interventions that can promote children’s language learning in school.

Mia Cecilie Heller's talk will be in Norwegian.

Picture of Rafael Lomeu Gomes
Tid og sted: 28. apr. 2021 14:1515:15, Zoom

Rafael Lomeu Gomes (Postdoctoral Fellow, MultiLing) will discuss the role of affect in parent-child multilingual interactions in the home.

Doktorgradskandidat Jessica Pedersen Belisle Hansen
Tid og sted: 16. apr. 2021 13:15, Zoom

Master Jessica Pedersen Belisle Hansen ved Institutt for lingvistiske og nordiske studier vil forsvare sin avhandling Video-mediated interpreting. The interactional accomplishment of interpreting in video-mediated environments for graden philosophiae doctor (ph.d).

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Tid og sted: 7. apr. 2021 12:0013:30, Zoom

Dr Sender Dovchin will give a talk on creating new identities in Mongolian popular music in the post-socialist era 

Picture of Samantha M. Litty wearing glasses
Tid og sted: 31. mars 2021 14:1515:15, Zoom

Samantha M. Litty (Europa-Universität Flensburg / FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) will discuss multilingualism in 19th Century German immigrant letters 

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Tid: 25. mars 2021 14:1515:15

Natalia Kartushina is an Associate Professor in Psycholinguistics, who joined MultiLing in December 2020. She holds a PhD in Experimental Psycholinguistics (University of Geneva) and had previously worked as a postdoctoral researcher at BCBL (Spain) and BabyLing (Institute for Psychology, UiO). Her research interests cover first and second-language phonological/lexical acquisition and the role of environment in shaping language learning.

Brendan Weekes smiling and wearing a red sweater
Tid og sted: 24. mars 2021 14:1515:15, Zoom

Brendan Weekes (Visiting Fellow, University of Cambridge) will discuss writing systems and multi-literacy

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Tid og sted: 17. mars 2021 14:1516:00, Zoom

Dr Farzad Karimzad will give a talk on chronotopic-scalar approaches to multilingualism.

Upper picture: woman and girl hugging. Lower pictures: nurse and elderly woman similing at each other; group of young people sitting on stairs, chatting and laughing.
Tid og sted: 12. mars 2021 09:3012:10, Zoom

This public event is organized on the occasion of the 2021 International Mother Language Day. Our international researchers from MultiLing, at the University of Oslo, will address institutional, social and emotional notions of multilingualism and the use of mother tongue in different domains of society. 

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Tid og sted: 10. mars 2021 14:1515:15, Zoom [Closed event]

Mari J. Wikhaug Andersen (Doctoral Research Fellow at MultiLing) reports on initial results from her in-progress PhD project, "Translanguaging in the majority classroom: a study of teachers’ beliefs, practices and students’ linguistic citizenship."

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Tid og sted: 3. mars 2021 14:1515:15, Zoom

Nora Dörnbrack (Doctoral Research Fellow, ILOS) will give a talk on her in-progress PhD project on historical language contact and multilingual practices in nineteenth-century migrants' private ego-documents 

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Tid og sted: 25. feb. 2021 14:1515:15, online

Kristen Schroeder is a postdoctoral researcher at the department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas (IFFIK), joining the University of Oslo in December 2020. Under the supervision of Ingrid Lossius Falkum, she is developing the Norwegian Research Council project entitled, ‘Creativity and Convention in Pragmatic Development’, which assesses pragmatic language development among children with and without Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC). Kristen holds an MA and PhD in Cognitive Science and Language from the University of Barcelona.

The presentation will be given in English.

Two engineers wearing helmets in a construction site
Tid og sted: 23. feb. 2021 14:1519:30, Zoom

Welcome to a seminar that celebrates the kick-off of the NorPol project (Second-language communication in workplace settings – the case of Polish migrants in Norway), funded by The Research Council of Norway (2020–2024).

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Tid og sted: 26. jan. 2021 16:1517:15, online

Ellisiv has a BA and MA in linguistics from the University of Oslo, and finished her MA thesis in the fall semester of 2020. Since then she has been working at Biblioteksentralen as a marketing consultant, mostly focusing on our communication with Norwegian publishers.

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Tid og sted: 24. sep. 2020 09:0025. sep. 2020 16:00, University of Oslo, Blindern

Online conference: EELC8 will be livestreamed using Zoom

The theme of the eighth biennial Explorations in Ethnography, Language and Communication conference is “Perspectives across disciplinary and political borders.”

Photo of a PhD student at a previous MultiLing course. Photo: Nadia Frantsen/UiO
Tid og sted: 7. sep. 202011. sep. 2020, Georg Sverdrups hus, Stort møterom / Zoom

MultiLing's Summer School 2020 will take place from 7 to 11 September, 2020. This year, the topic is issues in second language learning and interaction. It will address how language learning is accomplished in conversational interaction and how the development of linguistic and interactional competence may be traced in actual conversational behavior over time.