The MultiLing Affiliate Program

Target group

The status as a MultiLing Affiliate is meant for

  • PhD and Postdoc Fellows at the University of Oslo who are carrying out research that is connected to one of MultiLing’s projects
  • former MultiLing Fellows
  • MultiLing guests and active research collaborators


There are 4 interrelated goals which the MultiLing Affiliate Program aims for. We want to:

  1. make maximally visible all work being done outside MultiLing which contributes to any of the three main research areas identified by the Center.
  2. display MultiLing as part of an active and stimulating research community.
  3. create a mechanism by which MultiLing is able to support researchers whose work contributes to the research goals at the Center.

And finally we hope that:

  1. a formal designation as a MultiLing Affiliate will lead to closer research collaboration on a local, regional and international level.

Rights and Duties

As a MultiLing Affiliate

  • you can carry out your research in the context of this Center of Excellence,
  • you will have a formal relationship to MultiLing and thereby can present yourself as affiliated with the Center,
  • you are encouraged to take part in MultiLing activities (participate in seminars, attend a workshop or a conference etc.) and/or collaborate with MultiLing staff on a regular basis.

How to apply for affiliation

If your position and research comply with the criteria above, please send an application with a CV to one of MultiLing’s core group members.

Your application will then be forwarded to the MultiLing Leadership, who will review applications on a rolling basis.

Published Jan. 11, 2014 10:00 PM - Last modified Oct. 29, 2014 10:45 AM