EEG Analysis Workshop

This workshop will be given by the BrainProducts training team and will focus on the BrainVision Analyzer software that MultiLing's Socio-Cognitive Laboratory has purchased together with the EEG system.

Woman wearing an EEG cap


With EEG, we are able to measure electrical activity in the cortex via electrodes on the scalp and investigate online cognitive and sensory processes. EEG is a widely used and safe method that can be applied for various questions spanning from infant language acquisition to language comprehension processes in adults. MultiLing's Socio-Cognitive Laboratory has a new 128-channel EEG system from BrainProducts.


The workshop consists of two half-days and one full day. There will be an afternoon session on Tuesday, a full day on Wednesday and a morning session on Thursday. Some of the topics covered are: the physiological principles of EEG recordings, EEG analysis, the BrainVision Analyzer 2.2 software, ERP methodology and analysis, and spectral analysis.

A full program can be viewed here (pdf).

Practical information

The workshop is open to employees at ILN, but due to the high demand, we have to restrict admission to those who plan to utilize EEG in their research. Please contact the organizer (below) if you'd like to attend the event. 

At the workshop you will need to use your own laptop and to install software on it beforehand.

A tour of the Socio-Cognitive lab will be organized October 23 at 10-12. This tour will be especially beneficial for participants with little or no experience with EEG.



Minna Lehtonen
Published Oct. 18, 2019 2:45 PM - Last modified Nov. 5, 2019 9:37 AM