Managing complex multimodal datasets: an introduction to NVivo for linguists

New times require new skills from linguists working with complex datasets. When you feel that pen and paper fail you, software may offer solutions. This 1,5 day workshop addresses some of the current challenges faced by linguists working with diverse qualitative datasets by providing a comprehensive introduction into the use of NVivo.

18.03.2019, 09.00-16.00

19.03.2019, 09.00-12.00


During the course you will get a chance to do practical exercises in the use of the software, and you will see examples of how NVivo can be used in various linguistic projects. You will also be able to work on your own data under the supervision of our experienced trainer, Dr Jai Mackenzie (University of Nottingham). The workshop was created especially for ILN employees and will address some of the current challenges faced by linguists working with diverse qualitative datasets.

Through the course you will:

  1. Get a thorough understanding of qualitative data analysis through the use of NVivo
  2. Acquire practical skills and become familiar with specific applications of NVivo in qualitative linguistic research
  3. Obtain an understanding of how to implement NVivo in your current research projects through supervised practice sessions in NVivo using own data
  4. Become aware of analytical and methodological issues that become relevant when doing qualitative research through QDA software.

To attend this workshop, register here, download NVivo 12 to your computer, and come work with us March 18 and 19. Registration is open to ILN employees.

Please be aware that you need to bring the following to participate in the workshop:

  • a laptop with NVivo 12 downloaded
  • your own data for the Friday session

NVivo 12 can be downloaded from UiO programkiosken, read more about NVivo here.

A detailed program will be available soon.

Register as soon as possible, as there are a limited number of places available. The registration deadline is February 22.

Click here to register

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