Workshop on Citizen Sociolinguistics

In early November we held an digital workshop on citizen science and citizen sociolinguistic initiatives. The workshop involved participants from the University of Oslo and international colleagues. The workshop consisted of keynote speeches, shorter invited talks and discussion sessions. Most of the talks were recorded and will be uploaded on this page soon for anyone to view.


Photo: Nadia Frantsen/UiO

What is Citizen Sociolinguistics?

In recent years, Citizen Science (CS), that is engaging citizens or lay people in doing scientific research, has gained momentum in a wide range of disciplines, including sociolinguistics. CS has a long tradition within natural sciences, and its primary impacts are seen in biological studies of global climate change, in biological changes in natural habitats.

This workshop explores what citizen science is, and particularly what Citizen Sociolinguistics is. It presents examples of different CS initiatives and discusses the epistemological rationale for CS, and particularly CS projects within humanities. Important topics for discussion concern the quality of citizen data, the ability of citizens’ protocol to produce valid data, the level of citizen involvement in the research process, as well as the extent to which and how CS can lead to empowerment and democratisation as stated in many recent international research policy papers. The workshop also includes the role of CS as part of an open science policy.


The program can be found here or downloaded as a PDF here


Abstracts can be found here.


Watch the presentations here (in alphabetical order):

Elisabetta Adami

Margaret Gold

Samantha Goodchild

Nanna Haug Hilton

Anneleen Kohl

Betsy Rymes

Bente Ailin Svendsen

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