Dementia and Multilingualism

Closing conference of the research project Language and communication in multilingual speakers with dementia (MultiLing Dementia), funded by The Research Council of Norway (2017-2021).

En eldre dame og en yngre kvinne i sykepleieruniform, den yngre sykepleieren holder rundt den eldre damen

All the abstracts can be downloaded here.

This event will be live-streamed on Zoom:


9.00: Welcome

9.10: Overview of the results of the MultiLing Dementia project (Jan Svennevig, MultiLing - University of Oslo)

9.50: Combining interactional and psycholinguistic approaches to language use by persons with dementia (PWDs) (Anne Marie Landmark & Pernille Hansen, MultiLing, University of Oslo)

10.30: Break

10.50: Discourses of dementia and aging immigrants with dementia in traditional Norwegian media (Bente A. Svendsen, MultiLing, University of Oslo, Maarja Siiner, Aarhus University, and Aafke Diepeveen, University of Oslo)

11.30: Multilingual interaction and dementia: What do we know? What might the future look like? (Charlotta Plejert, Linköping University)

12.10: Lunch

12.50: Assessment of dementia in multicultural populations (Rune Nielsen, Danish Dementia Research Center)

13.30: Barriers and facilitators to accessing and using dementia care by minority ethnic groups in Norway (Ela Czapka, Oslo Metropolitan University )

14.10: Break

14.20: The continuity of cognates: Approaches to empirically establishing form overlap in data from patients with dementia and aphasia (Iris M. Strangmann, Katarina Antolovic, Pernille Hansen, Hanne Gram Simonsen, Monica Norvik, Loraine Obler, CUNY Graduate Center and MultiLing, University of Oslo)

15.00: What characterises the different types of primary progressive aphasia?
(Peter Wetterberg, Oslo University Hospital)

15.40: Break

15.50 Effective communication in multilingual dementia care settings: two animated films (Alison Wray, Cardiff University)

16.30: Tracking sentence comprehension in speakers with and without dementia (Ingeborg Ribu, MultiLing, University of Oslo)

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