Wednesday Seminar: Introduction to Bayesian reasoning

Ekaterina Kuzmina, Postdoctoral fellow at MultiLing, will give a talk on Bayesian reasoning and its application in experimental research. 

Photo: Nadia Frantsen/UiO

One of the easiest ways to quickly define a concept is to answer what it is not and why. Keeping this in mind, we will start with contrasting interpretations of probability and reasoning in Bayesian approach and frequentist approach, because the latter should be familiar for researchers, since it continues to be conventional in experimental science. Secondly, we will define the conditional probability based on examples from our daily life and then derive Bayes' theorem from it. Finally, we will discuss whether, why, and how we should look at our experimental results through the lens of Bayes’ theorem.


Haley De Korne
Published Oct. 24, 2017 12:04 PM - Last modified Apr. 9, 2018 2:26 PM