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MultiLing seminar on sign language and interpreting

MultiLing, in partnership with NTNU, welcomes you to a seminar focused on signed language linguistics and interpreting research.

The seminar will be held in English, American Sign Language, and Norwegian Sign Language.

On June 4 and 5 there will be a seminar on sign language, organized by Janne Bondi Johannessen, professor at MultiLing and the Norwegian leader of the project Linguistic Capacity Building in Ethiopia, and Jessica Pedersen Belisle Hansen, sign language interpreter and PhD-candidate at MultiLing, as well as Rolf Piene Halvorsen and Lindsay Ferrara, both at NTNU.

There will be talks by four PhD candidates in sign language, who are on a research stay from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, by PhD candidates from OsloMet, and by the Norwegian supervisors at NTNU. All talks and discussions will be interpreted to and from American sign language and English, by interpreters especially flown in from England for the occasion. The talks will give the audience much new knowledge about various aspects of Ethiopian Sign Language as well as about the research of the other speakers.


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Monday, June 4th

13.00­–13.15   Opening and welcome

13.15–14.00   Rolf Piene Halvorsen, NBHP and NTNU

                       Blink, indexing and direction, making a story different in Norwegian Sign Language

14.00–14.15   Pause

14.15–14.45   Camilla Sandrud, Nord University

                       The good interpreter: Deaf women's perspectives on GP consultations with interpreters. A qualitative study on health, sign language, interpretation and                                     education.

14.45–15.00   Pause

15.00–15.30   Abey Tesfaye, Addis Ababa University

                       Demands presented in Ethiopian Sign Language interpreting

15.30–15.45   Pause

15.45–16.15   Jessica Hansen, UiO

                       Now you see it, now you don’t: Choosing perspectives for video recording video-mediated interpreted hospital interaction

16.15–16.30   Pause

16.30–17.00   Discussion and summary of the day

Tuesday, June 5th

9.00–9.15       Opening and welcome

9.15–9.45       Pawlos Kassu, Addis Ababa University

                       Is aspect marking process in sign languages inflectional, derivational, or gestural? The case of Ethiopian Sign Language

9.45–10.00     Pause

10.00–10.30   Vibeke Bø, OsloMet

                       Interpreting depiction: A cognitive-functional approach

10.30–10.45   Pause

10.45–11.15   Adargachew Deneke Demissie, Addis Ababa University

                       Basic handshapes in Ethiopian Sign Language

11.15–11.30   Pause

11.30–12.00   Woinshet Girma, Addis Abba University

                       Polysemy of Ethiopian Sign Language

12.00–13.15   Lunch

13.15–14.00   Benjamin Anible, HVL (with Lynn Hou and Ryan Lepic)

                       When looks count: The function and distribution of look-at in American Sign Language

14.00–14.15   Pause

14.15–14.45   Kristian Skedsmo, OsloMet

                       Other-initiated repair in Norwegian Sign Language conversation

14.45–15.00   Pause

15.00–16.00   Discussion and summary of the day

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