Guest lecture: Mirage and paradoxes of creolization in the French Antilles

Professor Lambert-Felix Prudent will give a guest lecture Friday, August 23. The lecture is titled "Mirage and paradoxes of creolization in the French Antilles".

Professor Lambert-Felix Prudent

The lecture is open to all.

About the lecturer

Lambert-Felix Prudent is currently professor in Linguistics at Université des Antilles and Former director of ESPE (Ecole Supérieure de Professorat et d’Education) in Guadeloupe. His studies relate to the Creole languages in general, their genesis and their development in relation to the standard languages they live alongside. He has been Editor-in-chief of Révue Etudes creoles and he is the author of several books and articles on the Creole languages and on the teaching of Creoles and Creole literatures.

Selected publications

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