Multilingualism Research Forum/Flerspråklighetsforum: How do you design a psycholinguistic experiment?

Elisabet García González (Doctoral Research Fellow, MultiLing) will discuss how to design a psycholinguistic experiment.

Everyone, students or researchers, seeking to learn about experimental design are welcome to join regardless of their research background. Come ready to ask questions. 

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Elisabet Garcia Gonzalez smiling and wearing a baby blue shirt

Elisabet Garcia Gonzalez


If you are interested in methodology and are curious to learn more about how experiments in the language sciences are planned and designed, this is the seminar for you. Experimental research on language has evolved and changed significantly in the last decade, and many of the current methodologies have a greater overlap with psychology and the cognitive sciences than with traditional linguistics. In this interactive talk, I will walk you through some of the key aspects one must take into account when designing an experiment. I will focus on tasks from one of my current studies, where we measure language switching as well as several cognitive measures. I will also discuss limitations of experiment design, experiment protocols for safe data collection, and how to make your research design more open and collaborative, prior, during and post data collection.


Elisabet is a Doctoral Research Fellow in Psycholinguistics at MulitLing. Her research focuses on language and cognition in multilingual children, the role of executive functions in language switching, and language use in multilingual families. She has carried out an online study on the effects of the pandemic in multilingual families in Norway, and she is currently collecting data for her study on language switching in children in Norway and Finland. Prior to joining MultiLing, she carried out research in The Netherlands on prediction in L2 acquisition, and heritage language development.


Published Mar. 1, 2022 11:20 AM - Last modified Mar. 1, 2022 11:20 AM